According to, about 20% of the energy used in your home goes toward heating your water.

Rising Energy Costs? It's Time for a New Water Heater.

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Have Your Energy Bills Been On the Rise?

Your Water Heater May Be The Culprit! 

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Problems Associated Old Water Heater
The Costs Associated An Inefficient Water Heater Are Astronomical!

Improper Water Pressure

Running out of Hot Water Quickly

Inconsistent Temperature

Long Reheat Cycle

Water Leaks That Can Damage Your Home

Discolored Water 

Unusual Noises From Water Heater

No Hot Water

60 drips per minute wastes about 8.64 gallons per day. 259 gallons per month & about 3,153 gallons per year.
A Leaking Water Heater Can Cost You A Lot Of Wasted Money.
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I have used ECM for approximately 15. Without a doubt, ECM has never disappointed me. They show up at their scheduled time with a phone call letting me know they are on their way. Because I have a mother 95 and an aunt 90 living in the house, it is important to have my appliances working, my water heater working and my air conditioning working. Recently, ECM replaced my air conditioning unit. Within 4 hours, everything was installed and ready to go. My electric bill has gone down significantly. If you are interested in dependable service, ECM is the way to go. Thank you, ECM!!!
Mrs. Tatz
We are extremely happy with ECM! Previously, we used a home warranty company that used sub-contractors. Scheduling was very difficult. ECM makes it easy for you! All of their employees belong to ECM. They send the right person for the job. Over the past five years we’ve had many repairs on our washer and dryer. Our hot water heater died, and we got a new one as per our contract! We also had our AC replaced this summer as it was almost 20 years old and could not be fixed. Our new AC is fabulous as were the ECM employees who installed it.

Mrs. Castelli

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